Your Photo on Forex®

  • Featherlight hardfoam panel
  • Suitable for all types of wall
  • Printed with cutting-edge technologies
  • Amazingly wallet-friendly item
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Brilliant photo prints

All our products are carefully handcrafted in our German factory using the latest printing technologies. Best printing results are guaranteed.

Best materials

In order to guarantee our first-class quality, we use only high-quality and specially matched components for your wall pictures and photo gifts.

Prices Forex

Format Price
20x20 cm £ 26.90*
30x20 cm £ 28.90*
40x30 cm £ 42.90*

Forex® Photo Board Print

  • Photo on Forex full view
  • Photo on Forex closeup
  • Photo on Forex room view

Lightweight Decor Piece with Heavyweight Qualities

Forex® prints are a great all-round wall decor solution, providing brilliant visual quality at an incredible price. Made to the same manufacturing standards as our other wall decor formats, the photo on Forex® is produced with cutting-edge printing technologies and has the advantage of uniquely lightweight properties.

A product of technology brought together with tradition, each Forex® photo board print is created using state-of-the-art machinery, the process overseen by experienced masters of their craft. The hardfoam board is cut with exacting precision and hand-polished to achieve perfectly smooth rounded corners. This demanding process is repeated for each article – and you’ll notice the quality at first glance.

Elegant, Convenient and a Good Fit for any Setting

Printed on elegant 5mm-thick hardfoam board, a photo Forex® print is the ultimate synthesis of value and quality. With the same vivid colour palette that’s the hallmark of all our wall decor formats, a Forex® print will do full justice to any photo you choose.

Using hardfoam board as a foundation for photo printing is an innovative approach that’s resulted in a supremely practical format. Suitable for walls with limited load-bearing capacity, personalised Forex® prints are wonderfully versatile – and despite the premium print quality and state-of-the-art manufacturing, they’re available to you at a wallet-friendly price.

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