Your Photo on Acrylic Block

  • 25mm-thick freestanding decor piece
  • Comes with an anti-scratch layer
  • Creates a unique three-dimensional effect
  • Hand-crafted and polished to perfection

Brilliant photo prints

All our products are carefully handcrafted in our German factory using the latest printing technologies. Best printing results are guaranteed.

Best materials

In order to guarantee our first-class quality, we use only high-quality and specially matched components for your wall pictures and photo gifts.

Prices Acrylic Block

Format Price
10x10 cm £ 55.90*
15x10 cm £ 75.90*
20x15 cm £ 95.90*
20x20 cm £ 135.90*

Photo Acrylic Block

  • Photo Acrylic Block full view
  • Photo Acrylic Block closeup
  • Photo Acrylic Block room view

Finest Craftsmanship and Elegance Beyond Comparison

Our photo acrylic block is a truly enchanting decor piece. With a bold freestanding design, the 25mm-thick block presents a crystal-clear display of your photo. However your interior space is styled, this photo decor item will be a natural focal point of any home.

Photo acrylic blocks are extremely durable and can easily withstand the impact of an accidental drop. Coated with a scratch-resistant layer, this is a truly outstanding decor item that will show off the 12-colour print reproduction of your photo to the greatest advantage.

Hand-Crafted Piece with a Unique Visual Effect

The edges of your acrylic photo block are carefully hand-polished to ensure that handling the block is perfectly safe. The print reproduction of your image is painstakingly applied to the back of the block, and the bold thickness of the acrylic glass means that your photo seems to take on a three-dimensional quality.

The personalised photo acrylic block makes a stunning first impression. Sleek and flawless, the acrylic block with its graceful appearance and meticulously tested quality will enchant from the very first glance. Manufactured using eco-friendly technologies, your acrylic block will take no more than 5 minutes to design on our website.

The Best Customer Ratings

2022-06-09. scored 4.80 stars out of 5 at Review Centre based on 159 customer reviews. Design your Photo Acrylic Block now!

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