Your Photo as a Photo Gift

  • A variety of quality crafted, custom items
  • Perfect for any occasion and age group
  • State-of-the-art printing technology in use
  • Original means of showing your affection

Brilliant photo prints

All our products are carefully handcrafted in our German factory using the latest printing technologies. Best printing results are guaranteed.

Best materials

In order to guarantee our first-class quality, we use only high-quality and specially matched components for your wall pictures and photo gifts.

Photo Gifts

Product Price
Mug from £ 15.90*
Mouse Mat from £ 19.90*
Puzzle from £ 27.90*
Cushion from £ 39.90*
Acrylic Block from £ 55.90*
Blanket from £ 99.00*

Photo Gifts

Photo on Mug over

Photo on Mug

Photo Mugs come in a variety of unique formats, all of which are produced from either high-quality ceramics or bona fide porcelain. Microwave and dishwasher safe, personalised photo mugs are sure to make your mornings more inspired.

from £ 15.90*
Photo on Mouse Mat over

Photo on Mouse Mat

Photo Mouse Mat is a personalised office accessory that will help you get the work done and remind you of those special moments when the routine gets overwhelming. Equipped with a microfibre surface and anti-slip rubber base, it’s a great addition to your office desk.

from £ 19.90*
Photo on Puzzle over

Photo on Puzzle

The Photo on a Puzzle is an exciting crossover product combining the qualities of tabletop game and photo decor item. With 88 meticulously stamped puzzle pieces, you’re in for a great time spent with your loved ones.

from £ 27.90*
Photo on Cushion over

Photo on Cushion

Personalised Photo Cushions are a custom-made addition for your bed or couch. With an exceptionally soft fine-satin surface and pixel-perfect rendition of your photo, it’s one of the most popular custom photo products on offer.

from £ 39.90*
Photo on Acrylic Block over

Photo on Acrylic Block

The Photo on an Acrylic Block is a decor piece, suitable for display on any horizontal surface. Particularly impressive with its robust 25mm thickness, it’s an accessory that gives an almost three-dimensional quality to your photos.

from £ 55.90*
Photo on Blanket over

Photo on Blanket

Personalised Photo Blanket features a detailed, large-scale digital print rendition of your photo. Hypoallergenic, odourless and particularly soft on skin thanks to the refined textile fibre, photo blankets are all-season favourites with plenty of options for use.

from £ 99.00*

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