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How it works

Our picanova- software was developed with special attention paid to a user-friendly interface. Despite its ease of application, a wide range of supporting tools help to create your photo calendar extensively and edit it to your liking. And the best: You can safe and edit your photo calendar at any time.

Free download of the software and installation:

By pressing the download button you will come one step closer to your goal. The installation file is stored either on your desktop or in your download folder. With a click on the file, the installation will start immediately.

You can use our software on the following operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7/8 and also on Mac OS X. You can uninstall the software manually any time.

Easy to Use Photo Calender Software


You have a wide range of design options with the software:

  • Format: Place, cut and rotate photos.
  • Frame: colored frames(standard or special colors), add shades to your images.
  • Masks: heart shape, textures for individual photos.
  • Special effects: set transparency, change the color of your photos, subsequent saturation, change contrast (etc.) of individual pictures.
  • Background options: select standard colours, special colours by manual selection, own images or, supplied templates, for each individual page of your calendar.
  • Text tools: insert a text and select individually; color, font, font size.
  • Cliparts: Select your own or supplied cliparts.

Design templates

We offer design templates, which already include the calendar to save your valuable time and effort. The advantages of the all-round templates can particularly be helpful for the editing of the photo calendar. Add a template into your basic lay-out and experience the benefit of already supplied templates- since all templates can easily be edited to meet your own liking.

Our software offers blindingly easy handling for the individual lay-out of each page of your photo calendar.

The best customer ratings

April 20, 2017. Picanova.co.uk scored 9.4 stars out of 10 at Trustpilot based on 111 customer reviews. Design Personalised Photo Calendar now!
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